Ballymena Today know that some children find it hard when they are told that they need to get glasses. Eye test can be daunting and, if none of their friends wear glasses then kids never like to be the odd one out. Here are some hints to help you take the pain out of picking glasses for you child.

Photo Credit: Ambernectar 13; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Ambernectar 13; Creative Commons

  • Explain that glasses will help them to see. It is obvious but you child has been happily working away without glasses that they probably feel like they don’t need them. Explain that their glasses will help them to see without squinting, help them to avoid headaches and prevent their eyes from getting strained an tired. These things aren’t normal but your child might not notice the benefit of their new glasses until they put them on.
  • Make your visit to the optician a happy event. Parents can get worried about taking their kids to the opticians, and this can rub off onto the child. Keep calm and plan a treat for the same day – like a trip to the cinema, or an ice cream after the opticians. Hopefully this will keep everyone happy.
  • Be willing to compromise. If your child is old enough to have an opinion on what frames they want then you will probably disagree with them If that happens be prepared to compromise – if you force you child to take the frames that you like the chances are they will be unenthusiastic about wearing them.
  • Head to an optician who is child friendly. Look out for an optician who stocks an wide variety durable children’s frames and has a fun, vibrant kids area which will make the whole experience as little but happier. Waveney Eye Care in Ballymena shared these pictures of their kids zone on twitter.

photo 1 photo 2

  • Consider your kids favourite things. If you kid is sporty them pick out a durable pair, or even have and extra pair just for sports. Ask about sports googles and consider asking about contact lenses for older children. Your child may find plastic frames more comfortable to wear than metal ones with nose pieces.
  • Make sure you bring your child back for the fitting. This is vital because the optician can carry out any minor adjustments making sure that the frames are as comfortable as possible.
  • Set goals for glasses wearing. If your child is reluctant to wear then then start slowly around home and help them to realise that wearing their glasses is great in their own time.

If you are worried about you child because of their eyesight the click here for more advice from Nidirect about your child and their glasses.