Ballymena based Vet Grove Vets offer lots of information and advice for pet owners in the Veterinary Centre and also at their online website. Recently they have shared advice for cat, dog and rabbit owners;

Photo Credit: Jannes Pockele; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Jannes Pockele; Creative Commons

Does you cat or dog have worms? – Read this to find out what signs to look out for

Rabbit Care Advice from Grove Vets – Did you know that rabbits like to live with another rabbit friend? Read all about it here.

If you are worried about the state of your cats teeth read this.


Click here to read the answer to the 3 most popular questions asked about dogs and vaccinations – a must read for any dog owner.

Grove Vets are dedicated to making sure that your pet is happy and healthy. If you are worried about any of the issues above or if your beloved pet is acting unusually or is in pain please get in touch with the team at Grove Vets in Ballymena on 2565 6023 to make an appointment.