Ballymena Today know that lots of local retailers have celebrated Black Friday with discounts and super deals. Ballymena retailers such as True Grip skate shop, Clare’s Shoes, Florist Leaf Designs and Logan of Cloughmills and lots are taking part Black Friday promotions. But what is Black Friday?


Black Friday originated in America and is the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated all over America and in the 1950’s the police began to notice a sudden upsurge of shoppers hitting the towns and cities on the day after Thanksgiving. The increased volume of people often caused chaos on the streets, and therefore the police service dubbed it “Black Friday”.

Now it is seen as the first day of the Christmas shopping season and US retailers try to lure customers in with cut price deals and offers. The trend has recently caught on outside of America and hits a street near you today. It is the biggest shopping day of the year in the biggest economy in the world.

Look out for local Ballymena retailers offering Black Friday deals in town today.