Self harming is a serious issue and Samaritans have advice for anyone who is struggling with this. BBC Newsbeat has reported “a 20% rise in the number of 10 to 19-years-olds admitted to hospital because of self-harm injuries across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.” Click here to read their article in full.


Samaritans say this on their website;

“Helping you through Self harm.

Self-harming means hurting yourself on purpose. This can be cutting yourself, burning yourself, or even poisoning yourself.

Self-harm is not about trying to get other people’s attention. Usually, self-harm comes from feeling numb or empty, or wanting some relief. It might be linked to feeling depressed or anxious, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, bullying or worries about sexuality.

If you’re self-harming, talk to someone you trust, or you can tell us about it.

Worried about a friend?

If you’re worried about someone self-harming, you can tell us, and we can get in touch with them.”

Click here to visit the Samaritans official website. Don’t suffer alone. Samaritans are here to help and all their helpline offer advice about self harming and they offer confidentiality.