Heat loss in the winter time can cause us to use more fuel to heat our house and therefore is bad for the environment and our pocket.


To avoid heat loss in your home this winter here is some simple advice:

  • Shut the doors, get a draught excluder and invest in some heavy curtains to pull across your front door if you don’t have a porch.
  • Make sure you hot water tank has a jacket on. This basically insulates the tank and keep the water hot for longer. A hot water tank jacket is easy to fit and don’t cost very much.
  • Consider stuffing your chimney. We cay consider because you may be better off by lighting your fire and enjoying the heat. If you use your open fire regularly then don;t stuff your chimney. If you no longer use the fire then seriously think about closing it up as lots of heat is lost up an unused chimney. Stuffing a chimney longterm can discourage air circulation in the room and can cause your chimney breast to become damp.
  • Investigate your cavity walls. If they are not insulated then you can have foam or bead insulation pumped in. This will cost you money but will save in the longterm.
  • Fill up when prices are low. Even if your oil tank is half full take advantage of the drop in oil prices and fill up now. Ring around to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Don’t suffer in the cold this winter. Wrap up  in a few extra layers and consider following the advice above to keep yourself and your loved ones warm. Don’t forget to call in with elderly neighbours, especially those who live alone, and check that they are keeping their house warm too.