Ballymena Based children’s choir Raise the Roof continue to fundraise in order to raise the fund needed to provide children in Uganda with a school. they were recently at the Red Sails festival in Portstewart where they received a very warm welcome.

Raise the Roof Fundraising continues

Here is what the Raise the Roof team shared in a recent blog post:

Raise the Roof is so excited to have reached the £55,000 mark! Only £20,000 to go until we build our school! To anyone else that might seem like we still have a mountain to climb but we are determined that our God-given vision is going to become a reality. We have seen the plans for the seven classroom school that is going to give 800 Ugandan children a future- maybe you would like to take a look?


As well as classrooms, the school will offer clean water and sanitation so that no more children have to die from preventable illnesses like diarrhoea. Doris doesn’t want to waste another minute and is revving her engine to get our project finished!

On the Raise the Roof blog you can follow the Children’s Choir progress with their ‘Follow the Bus” feature which shows how the fundraising is progressing after each event. Click here to follow the Raise the Roof blog and find out more about their fundraising.