Several of the Ballymena Today team are currently fighting the cold. Today we have written this article from below a heavy blanket with a hot lemon in one hand and a box of tissues in the other. We are dreaming of all of the things in town that we would rather be doing than being sick. So here are the things we love to do in Ballymena

1/ Playing Squash at the Leisure Centre

Photo Credit: Artform Canada; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Artform Canada; Creative Commons

It’s still to cold outside to get our tennis racquet out yet but we quite fancy the challenge of trying squash. The Seven Towers Leisure Centre have courts which can be booked by phoning in the morning. Half an hour costs £3.15 for members and £3.70 for non members.

2/ Picking desserts and drinking Hot Chocolates at Glory-Be’s


Lets be honest- if I could get there in my pyjamas with a runny nose then I would be enjoying an ice cream cake right now. Unfortunately pyjamas in public isn’t acceptable when you are over 13 years of age so I will have to look forward to a dessert night at Glory-Be’s once I have recovered. My plan is to replace all those meals which I missed out on when I was sick with pancakes, brownies, and icc cream of course.

3/ Trying on new spring outfits

Ok, our list has become very girlie but now is the time to check out the shop because all the new season clothes are coming in. I am especially excited about picking up a tailors longline waist coat, a pretty shirt dress, and anything in a military green.

4/ Climbing to the top of Slemish


At the minute we can’t imagine getting past the end of the driveway (and that is just to leave the bin out) so when we are back to full strength we think its time to get a trip to Slemish. It may be coated in snow but nothing blows the cobwebs away quite like a chilly walk to the top of our favourite landmark.

5/ Having Afternoon Tea at the River Room

We are feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves right now so the perfect treat would be an afternoon tea at the River Room at Galgorm Resort and Spa. The five star venue is bound to cheer us up after our cold – what a great opportunity to get dressed up and catch up on everything we missed when we were trapped inside.

Phew, by the time we have done all of this we will need another week to recover. We certainly do love Ballymena.