LLCrafts, a local Ballymena business based in Galgorm, are very pleased to now be able to offer customer’s the chance to purchase LL Crafts Gift Voucher – whether you are buying for yourself or wanting a great gift for a friend or family member, these vouchers are brilliant to use against a big or small order with LL Crafts!

LL Crafts Gift Vouchers

Louise from LL Crafts tells us all about her gift vouchers:

The vouchers can be made for any purchase price ……. and can be applied to any of our ‘Ready-to-buy’ decorated craft items or used for a ‘Commission Painted Order’ ………. the decision is up to the recipient of your voucher!

So, whether it’s the perfect ‘Wedding Giftware’ or ‘Baby Baptism / Christening Crafts’ you need ……. maybe you know a friend who would like an ‘Exterior Slate Sign’ for their front door or needs a unique ‘Humorous Hanging Plaque’ birthday present ……. the voucher can be applied, it can even be put towards the price of a commissioned ‘Hand-painted Milkchurn or Milkpail’. (it cannot be exchanged for cash)

See more of Louise’s crafts and gifts here on her website or click here to follow her Facebook Page. Get in touch if you would like to purchase a ‘Gift Voucher’ and offer a friend or family member a very unique gift they would love!

Payment can be made via Cash / Credit Card / Paypal.

A gift voucher is a great idea as it allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want. LL Crafts hand painted gifts are a unique and beautiful gift from a local Ballymena business.