Here at Ballymena Today we love anything that strives to show off how wonderful Northern Ireland is. Freckle Magazine is a new publication which does just that. Funded by Kickstarter the first issue was launched in January.

Ballymena Today Loves Freckle Magazine

It looks amazing and is packed with beautifully written pieces about businesses, exhibitions, and people who live in Northern Ireland. Lets hear what the people at Freckle have to say:

What is Freckle?

We know three things:

We like Northern Ireland.

We think it’s a great place to live, and there are so many people who love their home, are sticking their neck out and doing what makes them feel alive. People are carving out their own stories in a time of grim predictions for the future of our planet; they are living sustainable, peaceful and creative lives.

We want to celebrate it.

We are good at telling stories in Northern Ireland. It’s in our culture, around our campfires, at our kitchen tables. But it can feel like the media is dominated by negative stories. We are interested in what gets people out of bed. We want to tell stories of what is really going on in Northern Ireland, practising slow journalism that documents and delves into the spirit of our times.

We want to tell stories of our people, landscapes and livelihoods.

We want to make something beautiful for people to read, a print magazine that is part of the conversation asking how we can live sustainably and peacefully in Northern Ireland. Freckle is a collection of empowering stories, with a sense of shared ownership: the magazine belongs to the people and places the articles are about.

Click here to see where you can buy a copy and then click here to browse their pretty website. Ballymena locals may be interested to read about Cloughmills resident Patrick Frew who has transformed a derelict plot of land into something which is a benefit to the whole community. Curious? Pick up a copy of Freckle Magazine to find out the full story about Patrick in Cloughmills and many more.