Ballymena local business Grove Vets see lots of pets day in day out and want to advise Ballymena animal lovers to avoid social media if they want to re-home or find a new pet. If you can no longer cope with a cat or dog or your pet has had lots of babies who need new homes then it is tempting to put a message online using social media.

Photo Credit: Christian Holmér; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Christian Holmér; Creative Commons

Grove Vets would advise against this.

Facebook and Twitter can be an easy option when you are trying to get rid of a pet but Grove Vets encourage anyone in this position to contact a local rehoming charity such as the Dogs Trust (who take both cats and dogs), who should be able to help you find a good home for your animal. Rehoming centres will go through lots of questions and safety checks with any prospective pet owner. They will ensure that the person has adequate room and facilities for a pet and make sure that they are introduced to any other animals in that home.

They can also advise you about getting the information stored on your pets microchip changed to the new owner to ensure that you are no longer liable for the animal. Help your pet find a genuine, safe home by using a rehoming centre instead or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any questions about the health of your pet then call Grove Vets on 028 2565 6023 or 028 25652472. Grove Vets are local Ballymena veterinarians who have been treating and caring for pets and their owners in the Ballymena and Randalstown area for years.