Farming in Northern Ireland is a career which many people decide to go into. Often young people take over the farm from their parents but more and more young people are studying at CAFRE to earn qualification in agricultural and farming related courses. Farming is one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland and produces a gross output of just under £1.5 billion each year.

Pursue a Career in Farming in Northern Ireland

During the academic year CAFRE host Open Days at each of their campus locations. At these Open Days people will find out about specific courses and their career opportunities, tour the facilities and accommodation and meet staff and students. The next events are designed for those looking to start a course in September 2015:

Enniskillen Campus

Open day Spring 2015 on Saturday 18th April 12 noon
Loughry Campus

Open day Spring 2015 on Tuesday 21st April 4 – 9 pm
Greenmount Campus

Open day Spring 2015 on Wednesday 22nd April 4 – 9 pm
If you are thinking of starting an agricultural course with CAFRE in September 2015 head along to these Open Days in April 2015. Greenmount is close to Antrim near Ballymena and offers a vast array of farming courses. Click here to find out more information and news about Farming courses in Northern Ireland.