Ballymena Veterinarian centre Grove Vets has enjoyed following the Stray Dog challenge which has been taken on by vets. Participants have taken on this challenge to highlight the plight of dogs who have been abandoned. Just take a look at the video below.

Vets were blindfolded, taken to a remote location and abandoned. They then tried to make their way back home without any help. Thousands of dogs are being abandoned in the UK and Ireland each year so the organisers STRAY are using this campaign to make people think about how they treat their unwanted pet. Lucy’s Trust has began a STRAY campaign which aims to raise awareness of the problem which peaks between November and January every year. To follow the work of STRAY follow their Facebook Page here.

Grove Vets - Stray Campaign

The Independent reported this:
“It’s not just Christmas puppies anymore… that message is getting through; its older dogs, elderly dogs, dogs that get in the way, barking dogs, dogs that shed on the brand new furniture, dogs that made a mess of your nicely wrapped presents… the excuses are endless,” a spokesperson for Lucy’s Trust said.

“If you chose to abandon your pet, you must realise, there is not always a happy ending. Stray dogs are shot for worrying livestock, killed on the roads, die from exhaustion/exposure/starvation, contract diseases in pounds and can die from them, can be picked up by people up to no good, and can find themselves abused, in dog fighting rings as bait, or in back yard breeding operations.” Read the rest of this article here.

Grove Vets – Stray Campaign

Grove Vets encourage everyone to think carefully before they take on a pet. Adding an animal into your household is a great thing to do but don’t be scared to admit if you are overwhelmed or unable to cope. In this case be sure to take your unwanted pet along to the Dog’s Trust in Ballymena. The Dog’s Trust never put a good dog down and will be able to keep the animal in the rehoming centre until a new family come along who will be able to offer your dog a home. For more information about the DOg’s Trust in Ballymena click here, and click here to visit Grove Vets website.