Ballymena optician Waveney Eye care stock large frames for men who find it hard to find comfortable glasses. Just like shoes sizes and clothing sizes, glasses frames can be too big or too small. Not many brands offer alternatives for larger men but Waveney Eye Care have found some frames which will be comfortable for any men who find standard frames too small. If you are wearing glasses which are too small you will find them uncomfortable and they may not look balanced on your face.


Waveney Eyecare Ballymena - Large Frames

The key to getting comfortable frames is to try lots on. Why not pick something from the Waveney Eye Care XL frame range.

When picking your frames make sure that you eyes are in the centre on the lens. If the frames are too small your eyes wont be dead centre. Check the bridge of at the nose – The bridge measurement is the distance between the two lenses – so if you are a larger man then look for a high bridge measurement. Also pay consideration to where the bridge actually sits while you are wearing the glasses. Try on different pairs to see where the bridge should be in relation to the tops of the frames.

When trying on frames take advantage of help offered in store. Also if you have trouble seeing what the frames look like on because they don’t have your prescription lens in them then take someone with you who can snap a photograph of you in the different frames. That way you can look at them clearly while wearing your existing glasses.

If you think that you need a larger frame than usual for your glasses then head to Waveney Eye care on Church Street in Ballymena and check out their range of large frames.