In Ballymena Saturday 21st March is “Learn To Play Day”, an event where music teachers invite the general public to come and have a free “taster” lesson on a musical instrument.

Learn to Play Day - Ballymena

In 2014, 117 venues put on events ranging from music shops to music services and even churches! People who have never played and people who used to play, all came on the day to try an instrument (source). Have a look at video below:

Learn to Play Day – Ballymena

Red Star Music in Ballymena will be taking part;

Hey everyone!! Ever fancied learning a new instrument? Maybe you have played before and would like to take it back up again? Here at Red Star Music we are taking part in the MIA Learn To Play Day, all you have to do is come along to Red Star Music on Saturday 21st March and get a FREE lesson, yes a FREE lesson on guitar, bass, piano, vocals or drums!

Click here to check out the Learn to Play website for more details and click here to find out more about Red Star Music in situated on John Street in Ballymena who will be taking part in Learn to Play Day.