MCC Computers Ballymena Business Centre recently shared information about protecting your home and family from online threats. The Ballymena based company have noticed more and more people experiencing problems wiht their laptop or computer due to online threats. Using the internet leaves us vulnerable in a way in which we have never been before. Bank details, private information and business data are all at risk if we pick up a virus or malware online.

Here is how MCC Computers can help;

Protecting your Computer from online threats

At MCC Computers we are trying to shift the focus from computer repairs to computer health check ups. What is the difference? Instead of having to go through the stress of losing data, personal details and needing a costly repair we are encouraging people to consider bringing their computer in for regular yearly check-ups. Much like a dental check-up, or the MOT for your car. If you computer or laptop is regularly checked for the presence of malware or spyware and software is kept up to date it should mean that you are less likely to be a victim of online threats.

Once you computer has been compromised by a virus your personal details including bank accounts and private files may be vulnerable, you could lose data, school work, business information and also time while your machine is being repaired. Having a Computer Health check-up is a good way to put your mind at rest knowing that you have the correct internet security and software updates.

We, at MCC Computers, are here to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about us and the range of services we can offer.

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