The Ballymena Today Youth team have been out and about in Ballymena. Recently one member had the chance to visit Flossy Treats with her friends for a great birthday Chocolate workshop!

20150307_103220 (1)

For my very last ever birthday treat I wanted to something that was fun, entertaining and different – so I decided that some of my friends and I would go to ‘Flossy Treats’.

None of us had never been before so this was our very first time, but we really enjoyed it. When we had all arrived we all had to wash out hands…little did we know that they were going to get gooey anyway. We were given chocolate bar moulds and were given the option of 2 different flavours of Belgian chocolate (milk or white). We had to decorate chocolate bars and chocolate lollipops with the sweets and chocolates that they gave us.

Meanwhile, while the chocolate was cooling, we were making Oreo truffles – and let’s just say that some peoples were better than others. We all had to separate oreos and crush them, mix them with chocolate and cream and roll them into balls. They went down a treat!

At the end we got to decorate these truffles with the Belgian chocolate, but my friend and I ended up just eating the leftover melted chocolate…whoops!

Overall I had a really good time and I can’t wait to go back. If you are ever stuck for a place to celebrate something Flossy Treats is the place to go. Also a big shoutout to Derek for being such a wonderful host!

A great recommendation for anyone looking for a fun party! Click here to find out more about booking a Flossy Treats chocolate workshop.