Ballymena Today loves Instagram. Nearly all of our team use and love it. However, this is not one of those posts where we give you a step-by-step guide on how to use Instagram. The Internet is already full of those and we strongly encourage you to think for yourself and to be yourself… that said, there are some things you need to observe about how to get into the conversation, be noticed, build a community and to get you using Instagram to full potential.

Over a year ago we wrote this post which outlined some of the effective ways to use Instagram. Here are three key tips you need to get to grips with straight away if you are going to make Instagram useful and fun for you and your business.

  • Engage with others. Social media is all about engagement. The clue is in the name. Be social, comment, share, Like, Re-tweet and engage with similar businesses. This needn’t be scary. Forging friendships and building community this way is too important to ignore.
  • Develop a style. Try to be consistent with your images. If you must use a filter on your Instagram images, be consistent with it. Look at how seasoned and experienced users do it. Learn from the best.
  • Use relevant hashtags. Your brand, your products, your location, your business name… social media users use and search for hashtags more than you maybe realise. Use them to help people find you.

And as with all social media, sometimes this can take some time and patience but, sometimes great progress comes quickly. Maybe you have a really strong brand, an instantly recognisable style of photography, a unique product. Maybe the market you are operating in is really specialised and it’s easy to instantly connect with other businesses in your community.

An example to inspire you

Hayburn & Co are a local business making outstanding luxury kitchens, fitted furniture
and architectural joinery for the finest homes worldwide. Their work is impeccable and deserves to be seen by the widest of audiences. We knew that Hayburn & Co. were perfect for Instagram where beautiful interiors, style, design and creativity is shared, liked and followed fervently.

Have a look. They only started to use Instagram within the last couple of weeks but they have a plan and are using Instagram to full potential.

You need a plan

An engaged community of followers, advocates, supporters and of course, potential links to new customers… this is what Instagram has the potential to bring you. Hayburn & Co. recognised this potential and trusted our advice and our plan.

You need a plan. It needn’t be complicated. Your best audience may not be on Instagram, it could be on Twitter or Facebook, let us help you find out.

Ballymena Today are here to help and will keep it straight-forward to allow you to get started… just like Hayburn & Co.

Why not get in touch with us today via here or via MCC.