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When you order coffee in Northern Ireland you are probably drinking Bailies Coffee… well, there’s a good chance you are! There are certainly a few coffee shops in the Ballymena area who serve their coffee.

Bailies Coffee Company was founded in 1993 by Russell Bailie, who recognised the growing demand for quality freshly roasted and traceable coffee amongst an increasingly knowledgeable consumer base in the UK and Ireland.

The company has since earned industry recognition for its commitment to supplying only the finest, freshest, hand-roast coffee and has supplied espresso beans to two of the last four Irish Barista Champions.

At Bailies we specialise in sourcing single origin and single estate coffees and aim for full traceability to origin, farm and farmer wherever possible. We also source and roast Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic coffees, and develop working relationships with ethical suppliers who have strong focus on sustainability for local farmers and growers.

Listen to what Russell has to say…

Bailies Coffee Company from Bailies Coffee on Vimeo.

Over at Coffee Northern Ireland I’ve regularly talked about Bailies, their coffee and their staff. They are an engaging, passionate and super friendly bunch of folks.

You don’t have to be a coffee shop/business to experience their coffee though. You can buy coffee directly from their website here. Their stock changes seasonly and is always packed full of variety. Bailies also offer plenty of coffee brewing equipment so if you need a new french press, aeropress or pouring kettle, they can get you all the essentials here. Or maybe you are looking for something coffee related that you can’t see on their website, get in touch with them here.

There isn’t much they don’t know about coffee at Bailies and, now you can learn directly from them at their recently launched Academy. They currently offer two types of classes to the public – for more info click here.

For more regular updates on the coffee scene here, Coffee Northern Ireland is part of our community and shares interviews with people working in coffee, as well as roasters and suppliers like Bailies Coffee.