Sometimes a nimble business person might notice something trendy and earn some money off it in the short-term, but trendy products and services are typically not bankable in the long-term because they don’t create a significant shift in the culture.

Amy Webb in Offscreen Magazine 15

If your business has been built around a trend or a trendy product then you’re going to need to evolve out of trendy and into long-term if you want to hang around for a while.

So, what does a significant shift in culture look like?

The bad news is, you have to figure that out for you and your business.

But, imagine people changing their habits to engage with you, your business and your products. Imagine this change influencing and reaching others in your wider community. This is significant. A shift that is significant and long-lasting isn’t about convenience, sales or trendy… and you might have to think broader than the nimble business person does.

Ballymena needs a few less nimble business people and a few more people aiming for a long-term significant shift in culture.