Portglenone Community Rescue Service recently shared this amazing story which highlight the importance of the job teams like them do;

Another busy start to the Belfast CRS safety patrols. A person approached CRS Control to report they could not locate their friend and was becoming increasingly concerned. CRS advised the person to report their concerns to the PSNI but advised the teams on the ground and the river.

Community Rescue Service - Portglenone

As the crew of the CRS Rescue Boat carried out their routine patrol the crew sighted an individual astride the safety fence at the edge of the river. As the boat approached the individual entered the water and the boat crew carried out a successful rescue. CRS Control requested attendance by NIAS. On brining the person back to shore CRS volunteers provided immediate first aid. On the arrival of NIAS, PSNI and NIFRS, who had been tasked following the report from CRS Control, the person was handed over to NIAS and the PSNI.

400531_240432569368990_1797585656_nWe thank the volunteers from Belfast CRS who again demonstrated their professionalism and dedication in providing their safety patrols in Belfast.
As the only accredited Lowland Search and Rescue organisation in N Ireland, the Community Rescue Service continue to help keep all of our communities safe!

Community Rescue services are staffed by trained volunteers and the offer invaluable help in cases like this.

If you would be interested in volunteering with this amazing group of volunteers then send a message through the Portglenone Community Rescue Facebook Page or an email info@communityrescue.org. Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who help with theis service locally in Portglenone.  Click here to visit the Portglenone Community Rescue Facebook Page.