Ballymena has finally enjoyed some sun at the weekend and it inspired us to put together some summer proof make up advice. In the heat you normal make up may end up smudging or slipping off your face in the heat.

Summer proof make up

Here are out tips to avoid any summer make up disasters:

  • Make up slippage can happen if your skin is oily. Our skin produces more oil in the summer meaning we need to pock our products carefully to keep that make up in place. Firstly cleanse with an oil-preventing cleanser and blot skin before use.
  • Consider using lighter products, such as a BB cream or tinted moisturiser instead of a heavy foundation. If you have been out in the sun then your skin probably has enough natural colour meaning you might be able to go without your usual foundation. Be brave and leave it out of your make up routine, or just using foundation where you need it and blending carefully.
  • Set you make up with a translucent powder, this should help it last the distance.
  • Opt for a water-resistant mascara. Less harsh than a waterproof mascara with the security of knowing it won’t budge an inch during the day.
  • You can buy make up blotting paper which can be used when you are feeling a bit sweaty. Instead of rubbing your make up just blot the shiny bits away, especially useful across the t-zone.

We also love this make up tutorial by Lisa Eldridge entitled Heatproof MakeUp Tips – Summer in The City Tutorial. If you really enjoy doing your make up and don’t mind investing in some new products over the summer than have a look below.

The sunny weather should be enjoyed without having to worry about things like make up so hopefully our Summer proof make up tips will keep you looking cool in the sun.