Robyn G Shiels should have been featured in one of our first Music Tuesday blog posts because he is the artist who we were listening to when we had the original idea to start featuring local music acts here at Ballymena Today!

Music Tuesday - Robyn G Shiels

Music Tuesday – Robyn G Shiels

The voice is cracked, but powerful, whilst the band are as tightly coiled as a watch-spring, ready to explode into sound and fury at the slightest provocation. Possessing the haunting bleakness of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, the exploratory musical sensibility of Wilco and the lyrical beauty of Nick Cave, the music of Robyn G Shiels somehow still manages to stake out a territory all of its own.

These songs speak of experience and life lived, but still point towards something new.

Whether stripped back to just the voice and acoustic guitar, or cutting loose in a full band setting, Robyn G Shiels is able to bring a documentarian’s eye to any situation, coupled with the words of a poet. But just before it all seems too dark, he pulls back, a twinkle in his eye and another story to tell. In the world of Robyn G Shiels, it might be dark, but there’s still a powerful sense of warmth. (Source)

So finally we get around to featuring this local singer songwriter whose album The Blood of the Innocents (which can be purchased here) was awarded the Northern Ireland Music Prize Album of the year 2014. If you haven’t heard Robyn before then here are a couple of videos which should get you hooked!

Robyn will be playing at the Stedhal festival at Ballymully Cottage Farm on the outskirts of Limavady in August. To keep up to date with Robyn G Shiels click here to follow him on Facebook and here to view his website.

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