In case you haven’t heard of Culture Night Belfast

Belfast’s biggest and boldest cultural celebration.
200+ events, 100+ venues and over 50,000 people in Cathedral Quarter and beyond. Culture Night is taking over Belfast on Friday 18 September between 1-10pm.

You can see the reactions and excitement of thousands of people who attended various aspects of Culture Night Belfast via their hashtag #CNB15 here.

The thousands who have descended on Belfast for this series of events in the last seven years, is testament to the incredible hard work, generosity and teamwork of the huge number of people involved. Our few words here don’t really do it justice. Culture Night Belfast is an incredible achievement….

Take a closer look at their photos on Facebook here.

Culture Night is of course, about more than just Belfast. The Culture Night ie site says this;

Culture Night has grown from a relatively small scale cultural event staged only in Dublin in 2006 to the significant national cultural event it now is, with some 350,000 people visiting museums, galleries, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres across the country. The initiative has captured both the public imagination and the enthusiasm of artists and cultural organisations.

Culture Night
-Encourages more people to visit cultural venues and experience culture in their locality
-Reminds us all about the fantastic cultural facilities and resources that we have locally and nationally
-Raises the profile of cultural organisations, activities and facilities
-Encourages people to try new things and to get into the habit of going more often to cultural venues and activities in their locality
-Makes it easier for people to play a role in their local cultural scene
-Helps create a sense of community and belonging

A look at what goes on across Ireland during Culture Night is colourful, exciting and engaging. It’s breathing life into cities, towns and communities. We love it!

And that got our Ballymena Today team thinking….

But more on that later.