The honest conversation and plain cakes

The honest conversation is very different to the promotion conversation.

At Ballymena Today we talk to people. We work hard to bring value with our words, recommending local businesses and organisations who we have met and will continue to meet. We offer other business options too, design and advice are two key areas. We would rather have the honest conversation with you and not the promotion jargon.

Lovely icing

Promotion puts beautifully decorative icing on a cake. Promotion is often happy to wildly exaggerate.

But, there is no long-term and lasting value in exaggerated promotion.

If you’ve spent time crafting some lovely icing on a stale cake and given me a slice, it wont be long until I’ve seen and tasted the problem.

The honest conversation and plain cakes

A plain fresh sponge cake will always be better than a stale but beautifully decorative christmas cake.

Ballymena Today is more interested in the honest conversation and plain cakes.

And then once you have mastered the art of the plain cake, you can think about decorating it if you like.