Katharine Philippa is a musician who hails from Portadown. We have known about her for a few years and wanted to include her in a Ballymena Today Music Tuesday blog post! She is an incredibly talented songwriter, with beautifully haunting lyrics.

Music Tuesday – Katharine Philippa

We would love you to watch this video below which showcases her vocals in a collaboration with HyperDuck SoundWorks. 

and now watch this incredible cover,

I feel like we don’t really need to add anything else! Want more? Check out her latest release – Futures Full- Edward F Butler- ft- Katharine Philippa.

Katharine saw music as a means of communication from an early age: she sang in the pram to unsuspecting persons when out for a walk; she crawled to the piano upon hearing her mother play. Years later, graduating from Music at Queen’s University, Belfast and completing an organ scholarship developed her eclectic influences. (Source)

Music Tuesday - Katharine Philippa

We absolutely love Katharine’s music and it has provided the perfect soundtrack for our autumn. To find out more about Katharine Philippa and her live performances click here