Ballymena Today love Instagram and we love the idea of keeping fit. We say that we like the idea of it because we probably don;t exercise as much as we should but we love these healthy, fit folks who share their lives on Instagram.

1/ Jaycardiello – fitness trainer to the stars Jay encourages everyone to exercise for at least 20 minutes each day.

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2/ Ballet Beautiful – This professional ballet dancer makes us want to get our ballet shoes on and give it a go.

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3/ SavvySassyMe – She says “Eat clean, train mean, and live lean.” – we like to see a fitness fan who eats so well.

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Follow some of these Instagrammers and add some fitness inspiration to your photo stream. We love people who promote a healthy and happy lifestyle and tried choose fitness instagram accounts which showed some great exercises combined with some yummy food to fuel the body.