In-the-moment updates - Dont just stand there

Ballymena Today loves the super informative and helpful site, Social Media Today. Not only can you get useful advice there about the bigger picture of social media but, you will also be able to keep up with trends and try out new methods. Bookmark that site.

At the weekend we read their really helpful article 7 Big Trends that Will Change your Social Media Marketing Strategy – You can read the full article here.

The very first trend they mention is one we want to zoom in on quickly.

1. In-the-moment updates.

Just as Instagram made it so pictures went up on a social platform moments after they were taken, platforms like Periscope allow you to live broadcast video. No more will you need to video something and then upload it later.

“Periscope users collectively watch 40 years of live video each and every day,” writes Jayson DeMers. “Instagram and Snapchat also support on-the-go, in-the-moment updates as opposed to late-game retrospectives, and could collectively herald in a new era of immediacy in social media.”

What could this mean for you? If you schedule your Twitter posts to go out, that could be a thing of the past.

In August we wrote a post called Don’t Automate, Find Patterns – read that here. We think the linked post above highlights and emphasises the same mindset we were driving at, one that is in-the-moment.

Not every business or organisation will find this easy, it’s a challenge that we will have to also consider at Ballymena Today as we move toward 2016 but, we can already see that experiences are more and more shared right now, in-the-moment and often with no frills or snazzy presentation.

How can you get ready for this in 2016? Your smartphone is already in your hand, the tools you need are right at your fingertips and, we probably all have no excuse for not being a little bit more in-the-moment on social media.

Here a few in-the moment updates we would love to see in 2016 in Ballymena.

  1. Got new stock? Share the news as soon as you open the delivery box.
  2. Hiring new staff? Introduce them on social media the morning they start.
  3. Winning an award? Share the news immediately, not the next day.
  4. Loyal customers? Tell us next time they visit your business, if they allow, share a picture.
  5. Staff training? Post a selfie with your team.
  6. Business quiet? Share the news, ask for help, for shares, re-tweets.
  7. New business on your street? Go & say hello, then tweet a pic & well wishes.

These are not prescriptive of course… you can tailor this thinking to suit your business or organisation. Why wouldn’t you?

Let’s see more in-the-moment updates from Ballymena starting now, why wait to 2016!

Get started.