The problem of Internet security and safety is not a new phenomenon yet it seems that in recent years the fears of the average web user have heightened significantly. Identity theft, fraud, hacking, loss of information and making poor decisions when using the Internet are frequent concerns but, rather than fearing the worst, we should start by simply doing our best to be safe. There are lots of simple things we can do, from good and frequently changed passwords to ensuring we back-up important information but, education is also important to keep you and your family safe online and giving you peace of mind on the Internet. Knowing enough useful tips can be difficult when we have access to so much varied information.

Having a local business who you can trust is a huge advantage.

MCC Computers Internet Safety Centre are ready to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

At MCC, our first priority will be to help you as best we can. We will stick the kettle on and talk first about what you need and, what your concerns are. People need peace of mind and a solid service they can trust. At MCC we make these values an absolute priority for every customer who comes through our door.

Peace of mind on the Internet

If you are a business owner, home Internet user, parent or pensioner, you will have different concerns and may have heard all kinds of horror stories about Internet scams and fraud. Don’t let your worries paralyse you.

The Internet is a fantastic resource for all of us and ever-changing technology enhances our lives in so many ways. Each of us should be able to feel safe online but having support from a local service you can trust is a great help.

Pick up the phone or call in with us. No concern or question is silly and, you are better to be sure that you are safe. We can put your mind at rest.

MCC recently shared some thoughts on their own blog here.

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