TyreSafe, the tyre safety website, have been warning drivers to take care after December was recorded as being the wettest ever. With over the double the average rain fall and temperatures 4.1C higher than average, it was a testing time for drivers.

Stay Safe with Winter Tyres

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kos-Read; Creative Commons

Stay Safe with Winter Tyres

This is the advice given from TyreSafe about winter tyres:

Through a typical 12 month period, the UK experiences temperatures ranging from +32oC to as low as -15oC. Given such diverse weather conditions, it’s unreasonable to expect one type of tyre to provide consistently high safety levels.
Winter weather tyres provide:
• Higher levels of road safety during the colder winter months.
• Considerably shorter stopping distances on both wet and dry roads at low temperatures.
• Better mileage than normal tyres in winter weather.
The wear on normal tyres increases when used during winter months, reducing mileage by up to 20%.

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