Harry Potter Book Night in Waterstones Ballymena is set to be held on Thursday 4 February from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. This is going to be the perfect night out for any Harry Potter fans. Celebrate with Harry Potter fans all around the world with this year’ s theme will be A Night of Spells

Harry Potter Book Night in Ballymena

Here are all the details:

11181819_1023792607683865_79464444223522760_nOn 4th February you’re all cordially invited to participate in a spellbinding evening at Waterstones Ballymena, this is an evening not to be missed all for Harry Potter fans as the Ballymena bookshop joins thousands of other bookshops around the world to host A Night of Spells in celebration of Harry Potter Book Night.

Harry Potter Book Night gives fans of all ages the chance to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s bestselling novels – and the opportunity to pass the magic on to young readers who haven’t yet discovered these unforgettable books. The first Harry Potter Book Night was held in February 2015, with 10,500 parties and celebrations held all over the world.

In Ballymena Harry Potter fans are invited to join in the fun at Waterstones from 6.30pm, when the bookshop will celebrate with reading, games, colouring and competitions. we love their special window which is already in place and cant wait to have a peek at the newly illustrated Harry Potter editions. 

There will also be a prize for the best dressed wizard and special guests from the amazing Emerald Garrison. We are excited – are you?


Both pictures available for free download at www.harrypotter.bloomsbury.com.

Paula Cardwell, Bookshop Manager at Waterstones Ballymena says,

“We all love the Harry Potter books, and they are incredibly popular with our customers too. We can’t wait to get together and celebrate Harry Potter, and we hope to inspire the next generation of Harry Potter fans too.”

Harry Potter Book Night will be held at Waterstones Ballymena on Thursday 4th February from 6.30pm.  For further information contact Waterstones Ballymena on 028 25638569 and read more about Harry Potter Book Night here