Grove Vets, who are based in Ballymena, recently shared a Leptospirosis warning. If you have a dog and live in Ballymena then here is some information which you may want to share.

Ballymena vet shares Leptospirosis warning

Ballymena vet shares Leptospirosis warning

Dogs, wild rodents and other small animals can carry a bacterial disease known as Leptospirosis. It is transmitted by contact with the urine of infected animals, either directly or indirectly from a contaminated environment. One common example is still or slow moving water which has been contaminated with the urine of infected rats.

If you let your dog bathe or swim in a pool or lake of water then you may be putting your dog at risk.
My Pet Online state that any dog that is exercised outdoors is potentially at risk, and if your dog is at risk there is a chance that you too could be affected. Leptospirosis is a ‘zoonotic’ disease, which means it can also infect humans.

In humans, as in dogs, leptospirosis is very dangerous.

However the good news is that leptospirosis is easily prevented through a simple vaccination. This vaccination will prevent your dog from becoming infected and spreading the disease farther through their urine. When symptoms do occur they can include fever, muscle pain,vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite,lethargy, depression, and blood in the urine. More serious infections can cause jaundice and blood clotting problems.

If you are worried about your dog or would like to make sure that your dogs vaccinations are up to date then local Ballymena vet Grove Veterinarian Centre can help you out. Call 028 25656023 to find out more about Leptospirosis or book an appointment with Grove Vets in Ballymena.