Ballymena choir Raise the Roof have been fundraising to build a school in Uganda. They recently announced that they have met and exceded their fundraising targets by raising an amazing £73,000. That money will be used to build a school for children in Uganda.

Ballymena choir set to build school in Uganda

The Raise the Roof choir is made up of children from the ages seven upwards who practice and have performed all over Northern Ireland, pleasing audiences and collecting money. They have performed everywhere from Sainsburys to Stormont and everywhere in between. Everywhere they went the travelled in their big yellow bus ‘Doris’.

972266_469750899777686_1665753736_nWe think that the children, parents, Alyson and volunteers who run the choir deserve a massive well done for all their hard work. The generosity of people from Ballymena and beyond has allowed Raise the Roof to start the ball rolling on this exciting building project. The money will go towards providing children with a safe place where they can get an eduction. Raise the Roof work with Fields of Life. They are an international development charity committed to collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community based initiatives. To find out more about Fields of Life click here.

And to follow the progress of the school funded by supporter of the Raise the Roof choir click here to view their website which has updates about their school in Uganda.