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Learn with Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust in Ireland have created a “Learn with Dogs Trust” resource which is designed to help young people learn how to be responsible dog owners. The resources have been written with primary school children in mind and are available for others to use. Dogs Trust Ireland write;

Educate Together is launching a new programme of lesson plans teaching responsible pet ownership to primary school students. This novel education initiative is the first comprehensive animal welfare primary school curriculum to be developed in Ireland. It is supported closely by Dogs Trust, the ISPCA and Veterinary Ireland, who along with Educate Together have made the lesson plans available for all primary school teachers in any school on their respective websites. The programme will also be hugely beneficial for welfare groups to use as part of their humane education programmes.

The programme teaches children emotional intelligence with a view to changing the way animals are treated and viewed in the home and society. These unique lesson plans are a collaborative approach with teachers, welfare organisations, veterinary surgeons and industry leaders creating exemplary materials. The learning outcomes will mean children are equipped with the skills to solve problems and make decisions based on critical thinking and evaluations of bias, leading to better treatment and understanding of animals.

Via Dogs Trust Ireland Facebook Page
Via Dogs Trust Ireland Facebook Page

Click here to see the new Education website. We especially love the Doggie Fun and Games page which takes an entertaining approach to learning about essential items for your dog and the importance of lifting your dogs poo. Click here to visit the Dogs Trust Ireland Facebook page.