In Ballymena the FRIENDS Frenzy quiz night is sure to be a good night out for any fans of the popular television show. The Quiz Night is to be held on Thursday 25th February and will be hosted at Galgorm Resort and Spa. Tickets cost #20 and your team needs to be of at least 4 people.

Ballymena Quiz Night

FRIENDS is one of our all time favourite television shows and we have put together some of our own questions which you can use to practice. Here we go:

  1. What does Chandler name the chick?
  2. Why does Monica get given a Porsche?
  3. Why does Phoebe pretend to be Ben’s mother?
  4. What did Ross give to Phoebe because she never had one growing up?
  5. What amazing person does Joey find in Vegas?
  6. What did Phoebe but Monica and Chandler for their wedding present?
  7. What number is Monica’s Appartment?
  8. Who says “Hi, I’m chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes ?” ?
  9. Why did Chandler spend Thanksgiving in a box ?
  10. What two presents does Phoebe buy Joey to make Rachel want to move out ?

There you go – thats your warm up. If you have all the answers leave them in the comments and we will let you know if you are right! If you get ten out of ten then we definitely think you should be heading to the FRIENDS quiz night in Ballymena.