Church Street in Ballymena is featuring again in our Throwback Thursday blog post. As one of our main streets in Ballymena it isn’t surprising that we have written over 20 blog posts which feature news, organisations or businesses who are located on this busy street. Just as it was in the time that this photograph was taken Church Street is still an important shopping street in our town.

Church Street Ballymena

The businesses which we have written about range from Outdoor Adventure up at the bandstand, Style ‘n’ Sport, Woodsides Pharmacy, David Bellingham Menswear, Waveney Eyecare, Beggs of Class, The Nobel Cafe to Scott’s Sweet Emporium. That means that you can pick up camping gear, running kit, headache tablets, a suit, sunglasses cushions and a tasty fry all in one street. Parking is available in the carpark accessed from Meeting House Lane which often allows 5 hours from just £1. Church Street is also a five minute walk from either of the towns big shopping centres – the Tower Centre and the Fairhill Shopping centre.

Ballymena is made up of lots of established businesses which are family run and have been around for many years. If you would like to read more blog posts from Ballymena Today about businesses which operate on Church Street please click here.