Ballymena Estate Agent Lynn & Brewster have a Responsive Website. When Lynn & Brewster launched their new website last year it was designed to be responsive and easy to use. If a website is responsive it means that it is easy to view on all kinds of different displays. That means that you can easily browse new houses, or premises for rent in Ballymena on the Lynn & Brewster website as easily on your phone or tablet as you can on a desktop computer. Nip over to the L&B website now to take a look.



L&B’s responsive website was designed by local Ballymena company MCC Computers.

Why should your business consider a responsive website design?

If your business has a website or any sort of web presence it is vital that it is kept up to date and alive. Leaving your website as it has been for the past few years can make your online presence seem unimportant and unprofessional. One way to update your website is to make it responsive.

1/ Responsive websites are perfect for those who use smart phones and tablets. Take a look around – at your customers, your family and your kids. What type of device are they using the most? If the answer is a smart phone or a tablet then a responsive website is a must.

2/ Websites need to be user friendly. If your customer can access the information they need about your business from their phone, on the move this all adds to a positive experience for your customer rather than a frustrating one.

3/ Social Media and blogging is an important part of your online presence. If you are a forward thinking business then you will already be using social media to benefit your business. A responsive website is a must as you will want to direct your customers from a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram picture to your website – it needs to be easy to use and view. A clunky website will turn people off.

4/ Updating to a responsive website gives you the opportunity to update your site. Think of how much your business has changed of the past year – new products, services, and completed jobs. When you update your website you can use the opportunity to update photographs, customer testimonials, products and services which will keep your website relevant and useful for your customer.

Read more about why your should consider upgrading to a responsive website here. Click here to explore the Lynn & Brewster responsive website which features everything from brand new homes for sale, properties to let and sites for sale in Ballymena and beyond.