If you own a small business and have used the Internet in any way at all, then I’m sure someone has tried to pitch you an SEO solution that will guarantee you a top spot on Google. That’s the dream right, to be on the first page of Google’s search findings.

There are ways to get you to that top spot quickly but, they are often scams and will use tactics that Google does not approve of. Worse than that, if you are using methods that Google isn’t keen on, they will penalise you and your site.

Seriously, forget the top spot

Forget the top spot. Focus on the next step you need to take. You have lots to do before page one of Google should be a concern.

The best way to get your site indexed higher in search results is to create content that is useful or entertaining, and use keywords and terms people are searching for. Inbound and outbound links will help within your content. Social media traffic plays an important role, as does how quickly your site loads, and how well it appears on mobile devices. Make sense, right?

The above quote is from a really useful article on avoiding SEO scams – read the full article here.

There is also a great infographic on that article but, we want to keep this post simple for now.

Your next step

If you are a small business owner, content that is useful and entertaining should not be difficult for you to deliver to an audience. If you do not have a website and/or blog you can use social media for free.

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Forget the top spot… create content and get sharing!


Image source: U.S. National Archives