S McAfee & Son sell cars in Ballymena. They are a local car dealer who offer an extensive range of new, nearly new and used cars. They also provide a full repair and servicing facility.

They have a blog on their website which showcases some of their new and used cars for sale.

Car Advice – S McAfee & Son

S McAfee & Son also use their blog to share car advice from their professionals. We have already shared on of their short videos which explains how to top up your windscreen washer fluid. This video explains how to check you tyre pressure.

They say:
Check Your Vehicle’s Tyre Pressure

Having the correct pressure in your car’s tyres is more important than most realise. It affects the overall handling of the car, fuel economy and tyre wear.
Under-inflated tyres require more force to make them turn which therefore uses more fuel. Incorrect tyre pressures increases wear on the tyre, meaning you have to replace them more often.
So to benefit from longer tyre life, better handling and lower fuel costs it is important to keep your tyres at the right pressure.
Checking your tyre pressure is easy, check out our video below for a step by step guide. Alternatively feel free to pop down to see us anytime and we’ll check your tyre pressure for you.

You can check out McAfee Cars here and follow them on Facebook here for more Car Advice and helpful videos.