We posted these five quick tips in July – here. The biggest hurdle for many people in business is taking the first step and acting on advice given. Why not act now? Digitalising your business is important right now and, these five things your ballymena business must address are absolutely crucial.

You and I are all plugged in, connected and digital, shopping, browsing, researching, reading, watching, influencing, being influenced…

1. Website: The myth is that your site needs to be all-singing and all-dancing, built from the ground up by an army of geeks and nerds who speak in code. The truth is simpler than that. You need to get online and be easy to find. If you know what your business is and does, then clearly communicating this information is vital.

2. Mobile: A responsive website will automatically adjust to suit mobile devices. More people use mobile globally now than use desktop for the web. Google ranks your site higher if you are optimized for mobile viewing.

3. Social Media It still amazes me that local businesses resist social media or dip their toe in the water and then back off quickly. You need a digital marketing strategy that is utilising social media, every single day, connecting you with others. Tell your story, use images, engage with people, build a community of followers. These followers will be your supporters and your customers.

4. Search Engine Optimization: To get started, focus on the basics. Quality web design, blogging and social media. Claim your business location on Google. If people are going to find your business, you need to address these issues and get connected.

5. Start writing: I know we’ve already said that you should blog but, you need to frequently create new content. Writing about your business, your products, your staff and your day-to-day experiences builds relationships with customers. You are building a community, you need to talk to your tribe!

Ballymena Today is part of a bigger team who can help you all all of these five things your Ballymena Business must address.

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