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Fun things to do in Ballymena with Friends

Our Ballymena Today team are back with a bang in 2017. This post is perfect for this week – Fun things to do with Friends!

Friends are free and unlimited contact to laughter and fun whenever you need it. The funny thing is you don’t even need to have a topic to laugh about cause their company is so natural. They can have you in stitches without even saying anything funny in the first place. They encourage you to have adventures and make memories to make your life just a little bit more interesting. Whether you have that one exceptionally close friend or a large group sometimes it can be tough to think of new ideas to try out or things to do, so that you can spend time together. Here are some of my ideas on things that you can do:

Go on a shopping spree

Every girl loves to bond over a bit of makeup or clothes. If you don’t have any money you can window shop, but, trust me – this isn’t as fun as it sounds… However, if you have a bit of disposable income to spend you could go shopping and you should check out my shopping tips article for advice on how to do this.

Movie night

Have a night in and partake in a movie marathon. Chill in your pj’s and cuddle up blankets and eat pizza and chocolate – all things healthy of course!

Dinner dates

Get everyone involved and make a fancy 3 course meal to eat.


Yes you could go to the gym or jog together but if you aren’t into all this you could just go outside for a walk. If there is a larger group of people, you could go play your favourite sport, for example football at the park or play badminton at the nearest sports centre.

Sunny days

It is winter but if it is dry and sunny then why not head up to the beach for the day or wrap up and head out for a long walk. The Ecos Centre has a 5km walk which takes you around the building.


If you aren’t the most talented baker you could stick to more simple things like pancakes or cupcakes. However, if you are feeling adventurous you could try a pie or cake. You could also scroll through Pinterest for some inspiration before you start.
I hope this has article has helped you think of some fun things for you and your friends to get up to. Have fun!