The Northern Ireland Science Festival is kicking off in February and we love to look of what is on offer. Mostly located in Belfast there are plenty of topics and entertaining ideas to get involved with. Here are some details:

With over 100 events across 25+ venues, the NI Science Festival offers a stimulating and wide range of events focusing on the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These events present some of the best scientists from NI and beyond to discuss their work, cutting-edge research and what the future might hold.

During the day, the Festival offers a range of workshops, talks and interactive activities for young people, parents and schools. In the evening we will present an eclectic mix of scientific debate, talks, theatres, comedy, music and film for adults. (Source)

Northern Ireland Science Festival

Starting on February 16th the events are mostly open to the public, some are more suitable for school trips.

If you would like to see a full events guide please click here. It features everything from engineering to robotics, physics, science and technology.

We love the variety of workshops, and events which have been planned and here are some of our picks from the schedule.

  1. Robochallenge at Queens University – Bring robots to life in this fun and engaging hands-on introduction to programming and robotics. Join the engineering team from Sentinus as you work together to programme robots and drones. Learn how to program a robot to follow commands and navigate its way around a specific course and compete in a challenge at the end.
  2. The Cultured Club – Fermentation – 
    Meet the microbes who offer you vitality, energy and great health. There are trillions of these tiny creatures which call your body home and our health depends on having a thriving collection of microbes. From digestive health to immunity, mental health to gene expression they influence more than you could imagine.
    Delve into the understanding your microbiome and discover how easy it is to optimise your gut health for your overall well being. This is science and this is art and where the two meet, there is magic! Join
    The Cultured Club and a local microbiologist for an evening of exploring the unseen world of bacteria.
  3. Coffee Culture Chemistry – Calling all coffee lovers! Did you know there is a surprising amount of chemistry that perfect of coffee? Join us for an evening with Jan Komarek from Bailies Coffee Roasters, who will explain how the company’s own brand of coffee is specially sourced and perfectly prepared to create its famous aroma and rich flavour. Enjoy coffee samples throughout the evening, served to perfection by our experienced in-house baristas.
  4. The Sounds of Science – Josephine McCormick’s work weaves sound and voice within visual layers towards producing art that is beautiful, delicate and extraordinary. 
    These artworks, funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, celebrate significant events and discoveries in science that have resulted in paradigm shifts in our knowledge of how the world, and the universe, works. Josephine has visually rendered the voice of significant scientists and embedded them within her artworks. 
    This enables viewers to have an immersive experience of breakthrough moments in scientific history. Significant voices will include: Jocelyn Bell Burnell, John Stewart Bell, Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Andre Konstantin Geim and Konstantin Sergeevich, Novoselov, Craig Venter, Stephen Hawking, Alexander Graham Bell and Michio Kaku.

Phew – this is just a small example of what is on offer. Please do visit the Science NI website to find out more information.