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Carbon Monoxide Detector – Ballymena

Has your home, business or premises got a Carbon Monoxide detector? If you home has been built recently then chances are that it has a carbon monoxide detector (although it is worth checking). Most homes will have one which is built in and it is very important to make sure that you have one if your building or home has any kind of heating appliance.

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Ballymena

Here are some of the details about Carbon Monoxide

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless and odourless gas, this is why it is so dangerous as it is difficult to detect.

Carbon Monoxide is given off when fuels such as gas, coal, wood or oil are burned ineffectively due to the lack of oxygen. This means that if your wood burning stove or boiler isn’t working correctly it could be producing this dangerous gas. There always needs to be a good supply of oxygen to ensure that fuel burns safely.

Around 50 people die every year from CO poisoning caused by gas, oil and solid fuel appliances and flues that have not been properly installed, maintained or that are poorly ventilated. (Source)

Carbon Monoxide can cause symptoms which are similar to the flu without a fever and can include dizziness, severe headaches, nausea, sleepiness, fatigue/weakness and disorientation/confusion. We are all aware of tragic news stories about  people who have lost their lives due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. It is important to note that some of these stories involved holiday homes so if you have a house that you only visit for short times each year then be sure to have a detector installed. As well as installing a detector it is very important to get you boiler serviced regularly. If you think it is time to give your boiler a check up you could call Ivor Christie Boiler Services on 028 2588 0898.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Ballymena

We went into town to find out where you can buy a Carbon Monxide alarm. If yo are in Ballymena then you can pick one up in John Wilson’s on Broughshane Street. It will cost £20 and is well worth the money. Another place you can pick up a carbon monoxide detector is McNeill’s Hardware in Broughshane who sell them for the same price.

Before purchasing a CO alarm, always ensure it complies with British Standard EN 50291 and carries a British or European approval mark, such as a Kitemark. CO alarms should be installed, checked and serviced in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. (Source)

Please make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house, or any premises which is heated. Also consider getting your boiler serviced and out your mind at rest.