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Easter Revision Time in Ballymena

Ballymena students are quickly heading towards their exams and this is the time of year when its worth packing in as much revision as you need to. By this point your teachers will be panicking to get all the coursework finished and marked and hopefully you should have finished learning the course. Now for some Easter Revision Time. Here are our tips for enjoying your Easter holidays while not letting your studies slip:

1/ Find out the dates of your exams now.

Get online or ask your teacher about the date of your exam as save them in your phone calendar asap. That way you can begin to organise your revision time. I know that lots of students are encouraged to make out revision timetables but, to be honest, I never got that far. I just found out when each exam was and looked at what I knew the best and least – that helped me to put together a schedule in my mind. Pick out the topics that you struggle with and start revising them as soon as you can. That means you still have time to talk to your teachers about any problems before it is too late.

Easter Revision Time in Ballymena

2/ Switch up your revision method.

When I was young the only way I could revise was to write everything out again and again and again. Nowadays though students can use computers, apps and mobile phones to help them revise. My top tip is to sign up to Prezi, which is an online presentation tool. Much like powerpoint you can use it to create slideshows but Prezi is much more creative and fun to use. Once you have created you Prezi on any given revision topic then download the Prezi App on to your phone. That way you can open your revision notes anywhere and have a quick cram session.

To have a look at a Prezi presentation click below.


3/ Take Breaks.

No one can possible revise for the whole holidays. Plan a day away with your mates, or schedule some time away from your revision to keep you refreshed and focused. Make sure you drink plenty of water but restrict your breaks to about 20 minutes each few hours.

4/ Know your limits.

Revision can take over your whole life – let me correct that, the though of revision can take over your whole life but it just isn’t possible to concentrate 100% for 100% of the time. As well as taking breaks be realistic and know your limits. If you have sports on a Monday afternoon then it is probably unrealistic to try to squeeze in revision in the evening. Allow yourself times where you plan other activities in order to stop you from thinking about exams all the time.


Try your best to make time for revisions during the Easter holidays. At least make some notes and organise your schedule so that you are ready to go. That way the pressure will be lessened and you will be ready for your exams.