What is media?


1. the main means of mass communication regarded collectively.

Ballymena Media Centre

Everyone is using media in some shape or form. Some effectively, some less so. A lot of our media use may not have much value but, if you are a business and hope to benefit from using some form of media, it can be daunting.

Where do you start?
What if you have no experience?
Should you pay someone to do it for you?
What media works best for your business?

The questions go on and on. We have tried to answer these kinds of questions for years with differing outcomes.

Our friends at MCC Computers have now created something new that will help you and your business or organisation in an effective way. Here’s what they say about the brand new Ballymena Media Centre:

…we have completely changed our facilities to focus completely on one task…. demonstrating and advising how to get the most out of media and make it work for you and your business/organisation. From the Ballymena Media Centre at MCC we are able to approach training and consultancy in a brand new way. We now have an environment in which you can understand the essentials of media and take control to make them work for you.

Read the rest of their article here.


Understanding the essentials of media and how you can use them in your business or organisation is crucial. You don’t need to be an expert in everything. You don’t have to use every single media format or social platform. You do need to see the bigger picture though.

Ballymena Media Centre is now available to help you.

If you feel your business could benefit from help contact MCC and ask for Philip.

Go here for contact information: www.ballymenamediacentre.co.uk