It’s summer holiday season and for many that will allow time to get some summer gardening jobs done. Not the sort of work we would be too keen on nor are we particularly green-fingered! So where better to call for some advice on the subject than Ballymena gardeners, Slemish Market Garden. They have made a very successful business from growing and selling their own plants and vegetables. At this time of the year they spend many hours in their gardens looking after and harvesting their produce.

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Here’s some of the helpful advice they gave us to keep on top of some of the summer gardening jobs which you may need to do.

1 – Weeding – you don’t need to be a gardening expert to know that weeds grow like crazy at this time of year. Hoe or hand-weed your borders and beds regularly to keep on top of them. Unfortunately we have no quick fix for weeding – it’s a job that just has to be done!

2 – Feeding – now is the time to feed the plants and veg you are growing. Here at Slemish Market Garden we use a kelp (seaweed) based fertiliser. This is full of essential natural ingredients which will ensure you to get the best show of flowers or crop of vegetables. Whatever feed you use it’s important to use it regularly over the summer months.

3 – Watering – it’s important to water your plants regularly and not just on bright sunny days. It’s surprising how quickly pots, tubs and baskets can dry out in summer. We recommend you water them daily, preferably in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t so strong. Also remember to water all the young plants to get them off to a good start.

4 – There’s lots of other jobs which may need done. Now is the time to get your lawn in tip-top condition. If you use a greenhouse remember to open doors and vents daily in warm weather. Also water tomato plants on a daily basis. Check all your plants for aphids, insect eggs, disease etc and deal with any you find straight away.

5 – Most importantly we would say, enjoy your gardening! It’s a great stress reliever, it’s getting you into the fresh air and you’re exercising. That can only be a good thing and there’s nothing better than being able to eat something you’ve planted and encouraged to grow. Even if you have next to no garden space you can still grow herbs, strawberries and many other plants on your windowsills. So get stuck in and enjoy getting some of those summer gardening jobs ticked off the list.

We hope this advice from Slemish Market Garden will help you if you have any summer gardening jobs which need to get done.

We hope these tips have been helpful. If this article has encouraged you to grow some plants in your own garden, then Slemish Market have a huge selection of stock available. Flowers, veg, fruit trees, shrubs and much more. Go along and talk to any of the family who have a wealth of gardening knowledge and will help you choose what’s right for your space.

Maybe you don’t have space or time to grow your own? You can still enjoy the taste of fresh, locally grown fruit and veg. Call with them where you can choose from a fantastic range of produce from themselves and other local growers and producers. Check out their Facebook page here. Slemish Market Garden are at Kernohan’s Lane, near the Ecos Centre.