When was the last time you had an eye test? Ballymena based Fitzsimons Opticians are based on William Street in the centre of town and are ready to give you an eye test.

Eye test – Ballymena

Here are some of the signs which might mean it is time for you to book yourself in:

1/ If you cant remember the last time that you had your eyes tested then you can be pretty certain that it is time to book in. If you already have glasses or contact lenses then you will probably get automatic reminders but if you don’t then you should get booked in to see if your vision has deteriorated. You may not even realise that your eyesight has changed but because it happens so gradually you might benefit from glasses.

2/ If your eyes are often irritated. Dry and itchy eyes can be caused by lots of different things – allergies and hay fever etc. This can also be a sign that your eyes are strained and an eye test could help. If you are seeing spots or floaters then it is also a sign that you should book an eye test.

3/ If you have headaches or experience very tired eyes. If you work at a computer screen for more than three hours at a time and experience blurry vision then book an eye test now.

4/ If you find driving at night more difficult than you used to. If you have lost your confidence with driving at night because you cant see signs clearly or the lights bother you then the remedy could be glasses.

5/ If you have an existing condition such as diabetes or glaucoma.

Eye test - Ballymena

Photo by Mark Solarski on Unsplash

Fitzsimons Opticians

Fitzsimons Opticians recommend that adults have their eyes tested every two years. Eye tests usually take between 20 – 30 minutes and they can also check for other problems too. Click here to visit the Fitzsimons Opticians website and find out about their full range of services.

Fitzsimons Optician have a state-of-the-art Topcon Digital Retinal Camera. This allows them to take photographs of the back of your eye (the retina), and to carry out a far more detailed examination than was previously possible.

Retinal screening can check for:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Cataracts
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • other anomalies

If you are interested in a Retinal Scanning appointment or would like to book an eye test please contact 028 2564 0582 to make an appointment at Fitzsimons Opticians in Ballymena.