The Seven Towers Leisure centre is the perfect pace to go if you want to swim in Ballymena. Swimming is a great exercise and as the winter closes in is a safe and convenient form of exercise. If you have been running, walking and cycling for the past few months you may be worried about heading out in the dark or be put off by the cold and wet weather. The beauty of swimming is that it is great at any age, the whole family can enjoy it, and it gives your body a great workout.

Swimming in Ballymena

Photo Credit: Mark Mitchell, Creative Commons

Swimming in Ballymena

Swimming is a great exercise to take up for many reasons:

1/ It is never too late to start learning to swim. Almost every leisure centre has instructors who are trained to help you learn how to swim. Once you have mastered the basics it is like any other exercise – practise make perfect. The more time you spend in the pool the better your swimming will be.

2/ It is a low impact exercise. This means that while swimming you are not putting pressure of strain on your joints and muscles in the same way you do when you are running etc. Swimming is one of the best exercises for those over 50 becuse it allows you to get your heart rate up without causing problems.

3/ Swimming helps you to build up your endurance. Because the water supports you body as you move swimmers can build up their endurance. A full body workout and health benefits make swimming a great exercise to take up.


The Seven Towers Leisure Centre offer Unlimited Swim Memberships making it easier than ever for you and your family to keep fit. The Seven Towers Leisure Centre is located at Trostan Avenue in Ballymena.