Northern Ireland Renewable Energy Investment Conference is designed for anyone who has invested or is interested in investing in renewables. It is being run by the Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group and the Ulster Farmer’s Union and is in association with Tughans and Clearpath Finance.

Northern Ireland Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Photo by WestBoundary Photography chris gill on Unsplash

The first Northern Ireland Renewable Energy Investment Conference will be held on thursday 2nd November and will address a variety of issues.

Following the closure of the Renewables Obligation in NI, the conference aims to bring together those who own or operate renewables projects with bankers and investors, at a time when those who have installed renewables projects may be considering their options in terms of re-financing, investing, buying or selling. Also in attendance will be those interested in exploring opportunities for private wire power purchase arrangements with projects that have been commissioned.

After a short introduction and overview of the renewables investment market, delegates will be able to attend a brief speed networking event. Delegates will be able to confirm prior to attending whether they are seeking to re-finance projects, invest, buy or sell.
After that, delegates will be free to mingle with in the main conference hall over lunch, and to follow up on any conversations made during the speed networking.
Names and organisations of all delegates will be (unless you email asking to opt out) made available to delegates on the day, allowing them to follow up with any specific contacts that they may have missed speaking to. (Source)

Please contact to find out more.