Farm Family Key Skills events can help provide lifesaving skills to farmers and farm family members. Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in Northern Ireland and this initiative is set to help people deal with minor incidents and injuries.

As part of the Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) scheme, over 500 farm family members and farm employees have attended First Aid Awareness training since March 2018. Up to 100 accidents which need medical attention occur each month on Northern Ireland farms. This training is free and covers lifesaving skills which can help all family members and employees deal with an accident on farm. The course covers:

  • Dealing with a medical emergency on farm;
  • Basic First Aid procedures for common farm based injuries;
  • How to use the contents of a First Aid kit; and
  • Technologies to aid lone farm workers in an emergency. (Source)

The local Farm Family Key Skills event is planned for Tuesday 20 November 2:00pm Ballymena Mart, Ballymena.

For more information on any Training above or to arrange a course in your area contact: CAFRE on 028 9442 6790.