Ballymena Today

Ballymena Today is about more than just blogging and social media. On the face of it, when you look at this site and our social media profiles you may not see that clearly but, we are proud of our diversity.

We have said this over and over but, it’s worth saying again because Ballymena Today believe people matter and people are at the heart of what we are doing.

It’s worth saying again

When we write about you here we connect directly with you, your business/organisation and we gather the information that matters to you. Your words, your offers, your news, your business. The original and relevant material you provide us matters immensely. We focus on you when we write and share through our ever-expanding community of people online.

We aren’t just re-tweeting other peoples stories and posts. We want to know you.

More than writing

Writing for you on Ballymena Today delivers your story to thousands of people across all our social networks but, that’s not all. Our extended team offer other services. Connecting with a wide variety of businesses and organisations in & around Ballymena has made it possible for us to be effective and useful to you in creative and powerful ways.

We can give you a web presence, host your website, your emails and, get you connected in as many technical ways that you can possibly imagine. We have used Billboards around Ballymena to advertise and share messages for local organisations and businesses as well as for Ballymena Today. We can also offer design and print services in all sizes, shapes and forms.

Business cards, stationery, banners, posters, flyers… you name it, we can hook you up.

We don’t sell courses. The best way to learn something is to stand alongside others and help each other, today, tomorrow and the next day… we want to stand alongside you.

We also can’t be solely dependent on social media sites so, if they move the goalposts we will be able to shift focus to help keep our community connected. If your business depends on a Facebook audience and they change their rules and regulations, how might that affect you and your audience?

In the past couple of years, Google have changed the technology behind how people find you on the web. Do you have someone to advise you on these matters or to make sure your site is equipped?

Ballymena Today believe people matter

Your business/organisation is different to that of the person beside you. You are different. We don’t want to just generically throw advice at you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of advice for your business, which is why we value variety.

We want you to get the best out of social media but apps, Tweets and Likes won’t be enough. We want you to connect with people and build an audience but a course won’t be enough. We want you to be seen and heard but flyers and billboards won’t be enough. You need an ongoing relationship. We want to offer that across our diverse team and community.

Ballymena Today believe people matter.